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2021 and 2022 In-Utero Foals

at  Special  Pricing


​Special  Offer

Breeding Season is underway in 2021. 

Price reductions for In-Utero Foals up to $2500

May be purchased on a payment plan with deposit.  Hurry, this is a limited time offer!

Inquiries are invited. 


Honoring Traditions.  Our Passion.  Preserving the classical legacy. 


Thank you for visiting Andalusians de Mythos! We celebrate this ancient, rare and noble breed, for centuries a proud war horse and the bearer of kings. The bloodlines we are working to preserve are  protected under the Dept of Antiquities in Spain, and are deemed a Spanish National Treasure. 



​​Each year, we produce a few foals which are hand raised with loving care, given lots of attention to mold them into people loving equine partners. This year, we are offering a few in-utero which means they can be purchased before foaling time at a greatly discounted price.  This will enable you to acquire a high quality foal from exceptional champion bloodlines.




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Declared a


Extremely Rare

Protected and Secluded by

Carthusian Monks for 300 yrs

Andalusians de Mythos 

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​The Legacy of Kings Awaits You!