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Reviews   &  Testimonials

Here's some feedback from our friends and horse family!


Pantero & Betsy

"Hello Susan!

Here are pix of my amazing new partner! 


Thank you so much Susan for assisting in this match!!!!

I adore him... and this breed! First P.R.E and I am smitten!" 


Betsy K, Ohio

USDF 2018 Regional Resv Champion


Jocoso & Dr Babits

“Susan is one of those rare individuals who possesses an uncanny ability to see inside of the horse and rider. She is a keen listener, understands the PRE bloodlines and characteristics extremely well, and is able to match horses and riders.

Susan has been instrumental with her guidance and patience in being one of a handful of individuals who have successfully aided me in achieving a dream. Recently, I was able through her guidance and work, to purchase an incredible stallion, a soul mate, a "heart horse," a horse of a lifetime.

Susan has the utmost integrity, honesty, sincerity, and knowledge. I would highly recommend using Susan through the purchase of a horse domestically or internationally. Additionally, her own breeding program and horses she produces are outstanding in quality and type!!!

Thank you, Susan, for making my dreams come true. You are an amazing person, a treasure in the preservation of the PRE horse. There is so much more I could say, but would end up writing a novel. -) You are absolutely wonderful, Susan."  

Dr. Bessie Babits, Medicine Wheel Equine Center, LLC


Abanico & Emilie

"I have bought my new stallion in Spain through Susan and Susana. I had a great service, and our budget was respected 100%. When I contacted them, I said the amount of money I wanted to pay, and they showed me videos & answered my questions. When I got to Spain to try out our selections, Susana was a great help and has an amazing eye for horses. Concerning the fees, the amounts were always accurate.

We asked for more service than usual clients asked and they worked very hard for all we wanted, always respecting our budget.


Everyone on the team were competent from the start to finish. I am very happy with the service I got and would not hesitate to work with them again."  Emilie Laval Gerval Dressage


Hypnotico & Susanne

“Hi Susan, Hypnotico (AKA Tico) has transitioned into his new home exceptionally well. He is a beautiful horse, inside and out, and he is not even three years old.

I can't wait to witness his transformation to an adult horse and Dressage partner over the next several years. I think he will be quite phenomenal (of course I do). Thank you for all your upfront information. I was impressed that you knew so much about him!  


I did feel your passion about the Iberian horses and felt instantly comfortable with you.  I will keep you posted on his progress. UPDATE - Tico is making great progress. We did another schooling show last week and scored a 68.8% at Intro B. I was very pleased with my beautiful boy. He is filling out and getting stronger.  Attached are two pictures of me and Tico from last night. Warm wishes, Susanne  


Viriato & JanieLou

"My Viriato is Sooooo special! He has such an engaging personality - everyone who meets him falls in love.

When he's in the cross ties (& he'll happily stay there forever because he likes to be in the midst of things), he never takes his eyes off me wherever I roam.


We are refining our language of aids, & I enjoy every step he takes. That being said, He seems to know he is very well loved.


When he sees me (and he has eagle vision!), he comes at a gallop! "

J. Montgomery


Primo & Valerie

"Hi Susan,

Just an update on Primo.

He is truly a unicorn and my once in a lifetime horse.

I love him so much. He has a sweet personality and loves everybody. 

Such an easy horse... " 

Many thanks" ~ Valerie


Bailor & Steffani

“The beautiful boy arrived safely. What true professionals.  My manager is following all of the specific instructions and he is being lunged.  He is quite the stunner and all of his visitors say "he is the most beautiful horse they have ever seen".  Iris who won a lot of the Grand Prixs last week will be coming down Friday. Having a great German gold medalist working with him on his training will be fabulous. He is eating the recommended diet you suggested and is extremely well adjusted. I will send you pictures and write a great testimonials as to how you both got this fabulous horse."    Warmly, Steffani


Isador & Jill

Hello Susan! Thank you for the birthday wishes! Here's a pic of Isador from about 6 months ago. He is bigger and more lovely now. I adore home sooooo much.

He is so my boy. Crazy sweet! He's getting a lot of suspension and just figured out the medium trot. He's so lovely . I am really grateful to you for helping me find him. Thank you !!!!!


Gaspar & Cherrie

"I can’t thank Susan enough for all her patience, research and intermediary efforts for more than a year as I looked for my new horse partner.  She was ever patient in answering or finding the answers to my many questions, as I have never considered buying a horse from such a rich resource as the de Mythos web site.  She helped arrange a visit to 2 wonderful barns situated very close to one another that had several lovely and well trained Iberian (Andalusian and Lusitano) horses for me to ride and evaluate.   And I found my new Horse!!


He is everything that I hoped for and a joy to ride.  In addition, she taught me so much about the rich history and characteristic of the 2 breeds that has certainly increased my interest in these horses.  I am breeding my ½ Andalusian mare to her lovely black stallion Dante. This was my home bred that was a joy to ride possessing great dressage potential until a career ending injury 2rs ago, hence my need for a new partner.  So now I have the partner to ride now and a new one for the future!!"  Cherrie


Franklin & Diane

"I have to tell you I am thrilled with Franklin. He is kind, sensible, and a fast learner!  Everyone keeps commenting on how sweet and well behaved he is. Of course he does baby things - he isn't even 3 and a half yet - but he is unlike any other baby I've raised. Every day he amazes me with his willingness."  

Diane G, California

[Franklin  Lusitano Gelding, bred by Erin Baines of Joseph, OR]


Aero & Barbara

“A long overdue update on  the love of  my life – Aero.  Where to start……We are totally loving him! He is everything we were looking for! Susan, I thank you a million times for telling me about this ‘young stallion’ that I might want to look at when Julia and I came to Florida.  I had  no intention of looking as you know – he was not what I thought I was looking for.  You insisted, and sent the videos and the journey began.  It will be a little longer process than I had hoped by buying a ‘made dressage horse’.  I have absolutely no regrets and am loving the journey.  He is something special. Julia loves him to death as well and loves working with him." Barbara S.


Quarto & Irene

"From the first contact I had with Susan my entire Andalusian experience has been wonderful.


The quality of the horses I ultimately chose from from was second to none. Every detail was handled and kept the process honest and stress free for me.

A day doesn't go by that I'm not happy with him. He is incredibly intelligent, kind and a quick learner. I am looking forward to many years of enjoyment and success in the dressage ring.

Many thanks" ~ Irene



& Christina

Compañero is getting picked up tomorrow! Very exciting! 


Thank you again for all your help and knowledge,  you are wonderful.  Will keep you updated on our new little man :)

"We are in love with Afortunado and could not be more excited and pleased with him! Fantastic horse in every way :) So thank you once again for arranging that." 

Thanks so much,

Christina in Canada


Cellini & Leah

"Hi Susan,

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how we appreciate your help in finding Cellini...


You were so patient and kind. He is absolutely PERFECT for my husband and we're having a blast.

You're the greatest ...

Thank you"

Leah in California


Eloquent & Deb

“Hi Susan,

I had to share with you.... You can't believe how great Eloquent did at her 1st lesson. Eloquent was an angel. I am just am amazed at this mare. I got a ton of compliments on her. Patrick King (instructor ) really liked her A LOT as well. But that aside, I just love her so much. She has style yet is such a dream to ride. Please feel free to use me as a reference contact if needed. We are so in love with Eloquent so perhaps we are a bit smitten.” Deb R, PA


Montesol & Vince

"Montesol is beyond our expectations, he is a wonderful and talented horse that I will show at Grand Prix this year. Shopping in Europe is not an easy matter, but I really trusted Susan 100%! " - Vincent Flores

VF Dressage


Raza & Andree

“At the barn Raza is quickly gaining popularity amongst everyone and has had no stallionish behavior  at all !  Under saddle he is amazing, willing to please and so talented.  The two trainers there are in awe of him and cannot believe how quickly he is developing. He enjoys his program and understands very well what is being asked of him.  He is more steady with his head, his thing was to put his nose to his chest, an evasion, but I have been correcting him and give him a lot of long rein to stretch and bring him back up.  Today he was quick at putting himself where I wanted him to be and he looked great.  It's almost like he was saying:  "look mom, I can do it ! "  He is beginning to be stronger - his trot is more steady, a little fast at the beginning but as he warms up he gets light and rhythmic.  What a joy it is to have such a nice horse to play with.  I am excited at the possibilities as we move up the levels, its very promising!!!"  Bye for now and Take care, 

Andrée and Raza


Cortez & Dana

“Hi Susan! We just wanted to thank you for your time and efforts and personal attention in getting Cortez to Wyoming.


Tara is a delightful girl and so nice to work with.  It seems rare nowadays  to deal with with honest helpful individuals in the horse business.

Cortez is a very nice colt and I know you must be very proud of Templar. We love him so much already!

We would love to meet you & wish you the best with your family. "  Sincerely, Dana B 

Cortez pictured winning

Pin Oaks Charity Show

Champion Young Horse, All Breeds


"My wonderful buddy Quijote: This special horse has captured my heart, and is a joy to be with.


Of course he is as beautiful as a bronze statue and everyone comments on his beauty. But the true beauty comes from within and he is the most beautiful horse I have ever seen. We are very devoted to each other. He is an absolute joy to be with, and he is very focused on me as he follows me around the barn like a puppy.


A horse like no other!  He is a wonderful ambassador for the breed.  Choosing him was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Thank you!"

Nathalie, Canada

Quijote & Nathalie


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