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Mythos  In-Utero Foals 

Honoring Traditions.  Our Passion.  Preserving the classical legacy. 

If you are planning to acquire a purebred Andalusian in the coming year, why not consider designing your own foal from our breeding program? Andalusians de Mythos has consistently produced premium quality foals for over 2 decades.We produce small numbers and hand raise our foals to become loving companions.


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With our in-utero program, you can take advantage of a price discount.  Each year, we offer a few foals with a payment plan, discounted at $2500 and higher if purchased before due date.   A deposit will reserve your foal. Terms are available, interest free. 

Now is the time to reserve your foal for 2024 and 2025. Inquiries are invited.   


Choosing a Mythos foal is preserving the classical legacy. 

Our breeding mares have been chosen for their great minds and temperaments, correct conformation with adherence to the breed standard, and athletic capability. Not only are they beautiful, but they are functional as well. We train and ride many of or mares before putting them in foal. They are elegant, yet have substance, wide chests, well developed muscle, strong hindquarters and toplines.  This philosophy has rewarded us with beautiful, intelligent athletes.


Over the years since we began in the mid-90s, many changes have taken place in the breeding practices, and we have witnessed trends that have come and gone. The horses are much bigger, in some cases they have lost the traditional 'baroque look'. Their movements have been altered to reflect the desires of the European dressage market, placing emphasis on a more open, ground covering trot to compete with Warmbloods. A bone-jarring trot that requires an athlete. Gone are the couch-comfy gaits the breed has been known for, which are easily ridden by the average amateur rider.  

With the fad of breeding bigger, we have seen 18H and taller Andalusians emerge. With that comes concerns over soundness issues identified as a by product of the increase in size. We've seen both Spanish and Portuguese horses that look and move like Warmbloods. 


This mechanical, structural change sends the hind end going out behind the horse.   The result adversely affects its ability to do the collected movements.  What happened to natural collection? This is a lot to sacrifice for the trade-off of a Warmblood sized trot. While wonderful, it is different. 

With careful selection, it has been our goal over almost 3 decades to both preserve the classical fidelity of the breed AND produce exceptional moving athletes. Mythos has enjoyed the good fortune of producing foals born with natural collection - that have shown the piaffe and canter pirouette within a few hours of birth.  Our foals fall within the average size range specified in the breed standard, generally between 15.2H - 16.3H. 


While maintaining a focus of preserving the purest Cartujano lines, we have incorporated two additional elements into the program.  To underscore the importance of producing offspring with athletic prowess, we selected a few magnificent stallion lines who have produced Olympic team offspring. In addition, we have incorporated several top tier stallions who have achieved the ELITE and Qualified/Calificado status in the studbook thru a special grading process.  The goal is to bring together the classical traits with accomplished athletic giants.

And finally. The icing on the cake. While this is not a color-focused breeding program, we offer exotic colored mares carrying dilute genetics, such as creme, buckskin, pearl, perlino, and ND-1, ND-2 factors in the program.   

The Legacy of Kings Awaits You!


Upcoming Breedings for 2023-2024-2025

Reserve early  In-Utero Foal 



by Cuatrero IV
brother to Olympic Dressage champion Grandioso III 

 The 2024 foal is RESERVED. 


Future Breedings Planned


In-utero Foals for Upcoming Breed Season

To Select YOUR Mare & Stallion Combination,

reach out to us about Reserving Your Custom Foal !



Here is a sneak peak

at the breedings we

are planning for 2022

Reserve your foal in advance for the best selection and extended payment plan

Reserve Early to Select  Your Stallion & Mare Combo

for 2024 or 2025 Breeding Season





Reserve early to select the ideal stallion and mare combination.

Contact us for details about breeding to a specific stallion to create the foal of your dreams.  More stallions available. 


The Legacy of Kings Awaits You!

Doblón TR,.jpg

Doblon -tr

ELITE Stallion

Spanish Champion

Dressage Champion

2024 Foal




MYTHOS Foals (Sold in utero)




Sumatra ADM x Rayito PG

2021 Palomino PRE Filly

Reserved in Utero

Faralay II granddaughter


Andalusians de Mythos


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