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About Us...   OUR ORIGINS

P.R.E. ~ Pura Raza Española ~ Pure Spanish Horse ~ Andalusian

Our Breeding Philosophy. Our Passion. Our Commitment to Preserving the Breed Type.

This is an ancient steed with an extraordinary legacy.

We are very honored and fortunate to have this magnificent creature as part of our lives.


Andalusians de MYTHOS (Greek for 'myth' or mythology), honors the Pure Spanish Horse, celebrated for centuries for his unparalleled majesty, nobility, bravery and unique talent. Steeped in legend for thousands of years, the Andalusian defies myth and brings his unrivaled legacy to the modern equestrian.

He served in battle as the unfaltering brave and sound warhorse, was exalted by Kings as their chosen mount. He has faced the fighting bulls with gallantry, speed and prowess; has born royals in their grand carriages and carried the Vaquero over vast cattle ranches on a dusty days work. He was selected for his unique talents in virtually every classical school in Europe, executing airs above the ground in Alta Escuela, the fore-bearer of modern dressage.

The Pure Spanish Horse carries himself with nobility and pride. He is one of the most versatile horses in existence. We are very honored to have this magnificent and noble steed as part of our lives.

His athleticism has been acknowledged in the Olympic dressage circle of honor on the international stage. He proudly steps through Spanish villages in festivals and parades, carrying family and children. He boldly executes dressage musical freestyle exhibitions in lightness with uncanny ease. He excels working equitation, bullfighting and in performing virtually every equestrian discipline known to man.

​Our breeding program is about honoring those traditions to preserve and sustain the ancient baroque qualities recognized from many centuries before.


The baroque attributes of this ancient breed are its natural collection,elasticity, flexibility, stamina, lithe, catlike movement, intelligence and bravery. And then of course there is the incomparable allure of their gentle temperament and unparalleled beauty.



We are deeply committed to preserving the classical breed type which portrays the qualities of roundness and collection. The baroque attributes of this ancient breed are natural collection, flexibility, lithe catlike movement, intelligence, bravery . and of course their incomparable allure. With precise planning and intense research, we breed, raise, train and passionately live with the unparalleled Spanish horse.


Our aspiration is to continue the meticulous quest of centuries of Spanish breeders by producing the functionality and strength of the original high school performance athlete, while capturing the essence of their quintessential beauty. With this purpose in mind, we cast our gaze back to the past to explore the wisdom of the breeders from the last century.


Three years of research proved to be an invaluable beginning of an endless learning curve. Prior to websites, resources were very limited and information difficult to come by. The research fueled the quest, leading to the acquisition of our initial six mares, five grays and one bay from the closed Cartujano/Bocado lines with 93-99.9% purity.  Each mare was selected for correct conformation, breed type, strength and movement.  We sought a baroque type, true to breed fidelity, to focus on preserving the classical horse, not a specific color or  discipline.


In the ensuing years, our broodmare herd grew and Conquistador XII was selected as herd sire in 2002. Conquistador is a rare black revised PRE sired by the imported international champion, Indiano XVIII.  Indiano was exported from Spain with an illustrious show career, as a 6-time undefeated champion in morphology (conformation), movement & functionality. In Mexico, he won the Champion of Champions at the national show under Spanish judges.  Conquistador's  dam, Jordana, is sired by Genil, Champion of Spain and Mexico, bred by Miguel Angel Cardenas, the top breeder in Spain.


Conquistador is from old Cartujano lines.  At the turn of the century (1900), his lineage is traced to Vicente Romero Garcia who bore the legacy of the Bocado brand of the bit, as well as to Pedro Domecq, known for both alta escuela and bullfighting; to Eduardo Miura (bullfighting), and the Hermanos family. Conquistador is an amazing athlete and an excellent compliment to the mares. He shares their Bocado heritage but is not too closely related.  He has wonderful bone substance, yet is a very elegant and lithe athlete. He passes on his great beauty and extraordinary movement.

Conquistador's sire and dam are both gray carrying a hidden black gene which was not known at the time of his birth.  Conquistador was not bred for color and from two grey parents, he was thought to be a bay and was registered as such. His sire Indiano, who was then about 12 years old, had not yet sired a black and it was not known he carried a black gene.  After acquiring Conquistador, he was DNA color tested and verified as a homozygous black.  He throws only the black gene, and thus far has produced black, bay, black-bay, grey, grulla, buckskin and paint foals, depending on the mare's color. Most of the mares are grey in the program.

A purebred Andalusian is born with a different birth coat color than the adult color.  Like in humans, the greys are not born grey, they have a base coat color which eventually turns grey due to a dominant factor which acts upon their color gene. 


The Passion of Kings


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