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Equine  Photography  &  Art

A tribute to some of the worlds most talented Equine Photographers & Artists

Photography is a compelling medium requiring an artistic eye, highly developed technical expertise, knowledge honed only by experience, and the skillful application of the right equipment. Not to mention one's ability to act on instinct,with mach speed reflexes to an ever changing palate.

Equine photography is even more challenging and requires greater refinement of these skills. 

These exceptional photographers possess a level of talent rarely seen!


Kim Boyd Vickrey-Jones

 Arkansas (will travel)

Tel.  870.530.0466

IG: @professorvickrey

Elise Genest Arts & Chevaux

Artist & Photographer

Pont-Rouge, Québec Canada

(travels worldwide)

Tel. 418-931-4946


Elise Genest

Tamara Gooch Photography

Idaho (travels worldwide)

Tel. 206-384-8513

Lesley Harrison Fine Art

Sutter Creek, California

Tel. 209-419-3122

Charles Hilton Photography
Apple Valley, California

(will travel)


Kevin Kidder

California (travels worldwide)

Tel. 951-254-3327

Tamra Klugh Photography

Hillsboro, Oregon

(will travel)


Tel. 503-701-7120


Bob Langrish Photography

Gloucestershire England,UK

Tel. +44 (0)1452 770140

Tony Stromberg Photography

Fine Art Equine Photography

Santa Fe, NM

Tel. 505-670-3361

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