Andalusians de Mythos

Honoring Traditions.  Our Passion.  Preserving the classical legacy. 

Andalusians de Mythos has over 2 decades of breed expertise. The careful selection of quality mares and stallions resulting from years of study and planning has rewarded us with beautiful, intelligent athletes. We produce small numbers and hand raise our foals to become loving companions.

The Legacy of Kings Awaits You!

​Special  Offer

We currently have four mares in foal for 2019.


2 foals are available in-utero and may be purchased on a payment plan with a deposit. We offer a $3000 discount off the price of the  foal if purchased before due date.

Inquiries are invited. Hurry! One foal is spoken for, 2 left.

Honoring Traditions.  Our Passion.  Preserving the classical legacy. 


Andalusians de Mythos is dedicated to preserving the rarified antiquity of the Cartujano horse. 

Our mares descend from the foundation Cartujano (Bocado) horses revered for baroque type and extravagant movement, combining form, function & flair with an endearing nature.


They pass on magnificent round outlines, powerful impulsion and fabulous minds. Our precious foals are hand-raised with the greatest care,  produced in small numbers in order to provide generous human contact, ensuring their desire for bonding and companionship.  They are suited for multiple disciplines, becoming stellar athletes for sport...  your ultimate partner for life.


The Legacy of Kings Awaits You!

Andalusians de Mythos


BroodMares  In Foal for 2019




Alegria is due to foal in April 2019

Expected Black or Bay 50% chance

Alegria is sired by UTRERANO VII, the ELITE PRE Stallion who is the sire of Fuego de Cardenas from the Spanish Olympic Team. Her dam is sired by Doctor XVI, half brother to ERMITAÑO III,  ELITE stallion.  Her grandam is by Jubiloso VII  ( Miguel Angel Cardenas)

The foal is sired by Conquistador XII, by Indiano XIII out of a GENIL daughter. Champions of Spain in all quadrants of the pedigree.

2019 Foal

Available In-utero

In-utero Foal Available Due May  2019

Alegria   x  Conquistador XII

 Bohorquez |  Miguel Angel Cardenas | Nobleza del Guadiana | Romero Benitez | Terry lineage

$2500 discount if purchased before foaling date  |  $3500 off weaning price 

Apasionata  adm


2019 Foal

Available In-utero

APASIONATA ADM is due May 2019. Expected Grey, Black or Bay.

Pasion is sired by COMANCHE II, QUALIFID PRE Stallion imported from Spain,100% Lovera bloodline.

Pasion has Lovera lineage from Leva, #1 top mare in the Limpre rating system. Thru her dam she hails from the Bocado lines of Lovera, Romero Benitez,Urquijo, Terry & Osborne.

In-utero Foal Available Due May  2019

Apasionata ADM   x  Conquistador XII

Apasionata has the coveted Lovera Bloodlines... extremely RARE to find in the USA.

$2500 discount if purchased before foaling date  |  $3500 off weaning price!


Lucinda  x Conquistador 


2019 Foal

Sold In-utero

LUCINDA is due June 2019 Expected Grey or Black.

Lucinda is sired by Tabaquero, imported PRE Stallion from Maipe.  His sire is the pure Bocado stallion, Financiero II (Terry stud) who also sired Uranio II and Uco GC both Spanish Champions. 

Lucinda's dam is granddaughter of Vasallo II (Cardenas) and Jardinero V (Terry). Lucinda also carries Martin Boloix lines, a beautifully orchestrated pedigree. 

In-utero Foal Due July 2019

Lucinda mdc   x  Conquistador XII


The Legacy of Kings Awaits You!

PRE Mares

Emotiva LF

 2002  Revised Mare


Nobleza del Guadiana | Urquijo | Romero Benitez | Boloix


PRE 2007 Grey Mare


 Dam is Nobleza del Guadiana & Urquijo


2006 Revised Mare

Temerario  X  x   Geralda XXXV (by Indiano VI)

100% Nobleza del Guadiana. Imported parents

nymphaea de Mythos

2010 Revised Mare


Nobleza del Guadiana | Cardenas |  Urquijo | Romero Benitez