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Spanish  Andalusian  PRE  Stallion  at  Stud

P.R.E. ~ ANDALUSIAN ~ Pure Spanish ~  Pura Raza Española ~ Stallion at Stud

Standing in UTAH



2005 Bay PRE Pure Spanish Stallion


Grandson  of Indiano XVIII and

Imaginario, US Nat'l Champion

Grandson of Genil, Champion of Spain.

Fresh Cooled, A.I.


Templar  - Bay  PRE  Stallion

  Templar is a metallic bay, with a shimmery glow to his
coat with a 3 dimensional luminescence in the sunlight.
He was born the color of honey, and in winter months
he turns dark mahogany bay.

In addition to his rare color, he carries a high degree of
Cartujano blood and is considered closed Bocado line,
which is revealed in his beautiful baroque build.
Templar has a well set arched neck and wide chest,
strong and straight short back, an excellent croup and a
very low tail set.

His sire, Conquistador XII, is the first black son of
Indiano XVIII. Indiano XVIII was imported from Spain
after winning six championship titles in morphology &
movement. Indiano is primarily from the Bocado
(Carthusian) bloodlines and is considered by many to
be one of the most important sires in the USA for
improving the breed.


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Alejandro Azteca Nat'l Champion
Warlander Filly (Freisian X)
Alejandro Azteca Nat'l Champion
Buckskin Dun Azteca Colt
Alejandro Azteca Nat'l Champion
Radiante Azteca
Camileste Mita
Bailarina - Iberian Warmblood
Chestnut Azteca Gelding

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Templar M imparts:

Balanced Proportions
Fine Musculature
Close coupled, short back
Low, low tail set
Rounded croup
Tremendous agility
Natural Collection
Extension & Lift
Bullfighting moves
Loving Temperament



Templar's  Heritage

Templar’s bloodlines are a culmination of 4 of the finest Bocado breeders in Spain.

He carries the lineage of Lovera, and Don Juan Manuel Urquijo from his dam, and Romero Benitez from both parents.

From his sire, Nobleza del Guadiana, Miguel Angel Cardenas & Isabel Merello Terry.


Both Lovera and Romero Benitez dominated the Spanish championship awards circles during the 1980-90s.  Miguel Angel Cardenas is considered the top winning breeder in Spain.

Templar carries the black and the bay gene, therefore he can produce black and bay. He has straight movement with excellent overreach and drive from the hindquarters as well as nice open extensions and elevation.

We are pleased to offer this exquisitely bred stallion to approved outside mares.


Templar Breeding Info



Templar M  2020 Stud Fees
A.I. Cooled Shipped Semen Available
$1200 Purebreds, $800 All Others
Plus collection and shipping (approx $295)


Multi Mare Discounts:
$200 off stud fees for second mare when
breeding more than one mare in same season.
Returning clients receive discounted rates.

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